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Style Moderne

Streamline Style Deco

Style Moderne is a type of Streamline architectural style that was introduced in the late 1930s by Belgian artist Belgian Joseph Laporta. It is an innovative international style of the Art Deco architectural design and architecture which emerged from the period known as the Art Deco style. Streamline architecture concentrated on long, straight lines; curved lines are never used. Streamline architecture stressed curved forms, long, horizontal lines, and even occasionally nautical elements.

The Streamline architecture focused on the use of simple geometric forms, which are meant to serve as the main decorative elements of the building. The main architectural unit of the Streamline style was the column. These columns were used for decoration and to support the roofs and other decorative elements of the building. In most cases, Streamline columns are constructed out of glass and are often decorated with cut glass or aluminum. Streamline architecture places great emphasis on clean, smooth lines and geometric shapes.

Streamline style Moderne buildings are usually square or rectangular in shape. The use of solid color is very limited, because in this type of construction the entire building is colored for the purposes of decoration only. The most common type of Streamline style elements is the use of glass, usually clear glass. Wall coloring is also very limited, because in this type of decorative construction the walls are simply painted white. The columns of Streamline style structures are also made of glass, and there are no ornamental details found on the exterior. The simplicity of the exterior design gives these buildings a very clean, stark appearance.

Due to the emphasis on straight lines and geometric figures, Streamline style was criticized by some art nouveau enthusiasts for lacking any form of expression. By the end of the twentieth century, as the style became more popular, artists were beginning to use more complex geometric forms and figures, which were in more traditional styles. As time went on, however, Streamline buildings became more like the traditional decorative masterpieces that they had been decrying during their inception.

Streamline style Moderne, unlike many traditional forms of art Deco design, offers a structure that is very simple yet beautiful. The straight lines and simple geometric shapes, used to great effect in this type of construction, make it perfect for use as a home art piece. Streamlines tend to be a little bit easier to decorate, due to the lack of intricate details on the outside. However, the clean, simple lines of Streamline design still make it a great-looking structure. Many Streamlines that have been turned into museums and art Deco displays have been created with the basic Streamline design in mind.

Streamline style Moderne features sleek, black chrome finishes that are easy to clean. Black chrome offers a modern look that will blend well with any modern decor, especially when paired with a stainless steel tubular sink and countertop. The black chrome finish of Streamline sinks and counters also make them a great addition to black-and-white bathrooms. This type of architecture makes it easy to add high-end features such as island baths or other unique touches. In addition, the sleek look of black chrome makes it easy to add chrome accessories to the overall effect of Streamlines.