Experience Art Deco Through Exposition Internationale des Arts Dessaus

Art Deco is sometimes called just Deco and sometimes can also be referred to as the Art Deco movement. Art Deco was actually a term that was used before the movement began but was used to describe one particular style. The term has since become more inclusive and describes any style that uses an abundance of bright colors, geometric shapes, and bold patterns. Art Deco usually includes famous designers such as Le Corbusier, Georges Braque and Picasso. Art Deco can be found all over the world and was a popular decorating style for European and American architecture prior to the First World War.

Art Deco is a specific time period within the history of interior design. It can be considered to be as timeless as art can be. It started in the 1890s and became very popular all over the world with its extravagant designs and lavish materials. Art Deco, at the time of its inception, was responsible for building the interior of some of the most luxurious hotels and cities in the world.

During the First World War, Art Deco became even more popular with the addition of countless decorative art pieces to cityscapes. After the world war, when automobiles became more popular, Art Deco style began to die down. However, it wasn’t until the start of the twentieth century that Art Deco style came back into fashion. The style is most commonly associated with the era of the Great Depression and was popularized by the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright, Ray Eames and his ever popular fashions.

The basic concept behind the style is based around a geometric form which is made up of squares, rectangles, and circles. This basic shape is then given depth by adding various different colored edges and forms. Colors are usually bold and primary colors like red, orange, yellow, green and blue are used to give the final touch to the decorative art Deco design. The style has come quite a distance from the original designs that were created during the heyday of Art Deco. Modern day Art Deco designs take place mostly in flat style buildings such as apartment buildings or shopping malls and are typically circular or have no shape at all.

When it comes to interior design, Art Deco style is known for its use of geometric shapes, heavy use of color, bold decorative elements and often bolder decorative elements. Many times geometric lines are used in building construction to separate individual units of housing or even to create a sidewalk. A prime example of this style would be the rounded shape of the bay windows in a row of apartment buildings. Art Deco style can also be found within the art Deco buildings of New York City. It can be seen in the columns that support the roofs of many buildings and the straight lines and curved lines that are often used in wall tile decoration. These heavy, geometric lines are the main feature of Art Deco interior design and are often used in large, iconic paintings.

Exposition Internationale des Arts Dessaus presents a unique opportunity to experience what Art Deco style and its concept was all about. This prestigious exhibition showcases the full diversity of this style through interactive exhibits. It will introduce visitors to the decorative style through video clippings and images, which, in turn, will inspire them to engage with the concept of Art Deco. Visitors are encouraged to take home their favourite pieces from this exhibition as well as learn more about the background and the influences of Art Deco and its different decorative styles on architecture.