What Are the Differences Between a Live Dealer and a Video Poker Dealer?

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What Are the Differences Between a Live Dealer and a Video Poker Dealer?

Live casino games without live dealers are a fast growing trend this year. This was among the very first developments in 2021, and has grown rapidly since. This industry is considerably more advanced than other live casino sports. And the real live, physical presence of a live casino and actual live dealer gives the player many special benefits. If you have never played in a live casino game before, you may not be aware of how different it can be than a traditional casino game.

For instance, if you have ever been to a land-based casino in the U.S., you may have noticed that there are often long lines and traffic outside the facility and often times the line for the free drinks and snacks can actually block off the parking lot so you have to walk a mile back into the facility to enjoy your gambling experience. On the other hand, when you gamble in a real live casino, the exact same scenario doesn’t exist. The only difference is that in a live casino, the live dealers actually come to your table to give you the gaming experience and can actually tell you what cards you have and which ones you need to discard. A land based casino does not have this luxury.

In a land based casino, the dealer’s job is simply to place the cards and symbols on the betting surface according to the laws of the house and the rules of the game. However, in a live casino, the dealer’s job is not merely to place the cards on the gaming surface but the dealer’s brain is constantly working away at calculating the odds and betting strategies in order to ensure that the casino is successful. Because the dealer can actually hear and sometimes even feel (not just hear) the players and their playing strategies, it means that a real live dealer can add an element of excitement and challenge to any live casino game.

Not only is a live casino very exciting but the sheer logistics of gambling in such a setting is extremely important. It takes a tremendous amount of logistical expertise to be able to set up and run an actual casino. Traditional brick and mortar casinos have to deal with taxes and labor regulations and often the building needs to be vacant at the time of operation. This leaves the operations of the gaming floor to be done by people who lack gaming related expertise. Online casinos are also often operated in such settings where the knowledge and expertise of gaming staff is necessary but again, the logistical challenges are immense.

Because of these differences, online casinos have had to develop a different way in which to handle their own card gaming transactions. A large part of this involves hiring professionals such as video gaming casinos and dealers. In fact, some live casinos contract out their video gaming dealers to other live casinos in the area so that the dealers’ expertise and knowledge of gaming equipment is brought to bear on the card gaming floor of the other live casinos in the area. Of course, there are companies such as Video Poker Locals who specialize in providing dealers for online casinos.

While it would seem that hiring professionals to perform the job of selling cards and setting the table would reduce operational costs for online casinos, this is not always the case. In fact, many live casinos actually prefer to keep the job of selling cards and setting the table as a professional staff member. Some of these live casinos even hire professionals to deal with both the players and the customers at the site. One such employee is Patrons Manager who is responsible for dealing with both clients and the dealers at the site. There are other employees such as a Helpdesk which handles both customer and player questions and issues, a Accounts Executive who deals with credit cards and banking transactions, a Webmaster who maintains the website, and a graphic designer who designs the website and other promotional materials.