Style Moderne – Interior Design

Style Moderne

Style Moderne – Interior Design

Style Moderne is an international term, describing the contemporary Art Deco style. Famous for its elegant simplicity, this style can be described as a result of an experimental period during which a number of innovative and influential artists had a great input in terms of stylistic experimentation. This art Deco movement, which came from France, had a significant impact on architecture, fashion and interior design. As a result, many buildings, including those of York Castle, Florence Cathedral, Saint Petersburg Palace, etc have been deliberately built according to the style.

In the Art Deco period, Style Moderne was characterized by geometric patterns, such as rectangles, octagons, circles and squares. It has also been known for the use of complex geometrical designs, often using natural materials like terracotta. Geometric motifs are especially important in the decorative elements of Style Moderne. One of the most prominent geometric designs used in the art style is the double sided lantern. Other prominent art style elements include the rocailles, which are small paintings or drawings, and the mosaic tiles, which were created by assembling smaller tiles.

A large number of stylized patterns are found in the art Deco design, most of them related to the modern-day carriages. The most common geometric shapes used in the art Deco design are rectangles, cubes, trapezoids and the oval. Simple straight lines are also very common in the Art Deco design. Some of the most important decorative elements of Style Moderne are the straight and curved lines, which are found in most of the carvings and sculptures. The use of rounded and scalloped edges is also common.

Another important art style element of Style Moderne is the use of delicate floral and leaf designs. The main emphasis in this type of interior decoration is the use of light colors, mostly in the form of pale yellow ochre. Pastel shades are often used for this type of decoration, along with soft pastel shades, lilac, beige, light green and light blue. Straight lines are usually avoided when creating this kind of design. Instead, a mixture of various textures, such as the use of mosaics, are often used for decorative elements.

One of the main causes behind the success of the concept of Style Moderne interior design is the incorporation of geometric shapes and abstract patterns. This resulted in an extremely stylized and unique interior style. The combination of different decorative elements was also a key factor behind the success of this concept. A number of stylized patterns, such as the rocailles, the use of mosaics, and the use of bent and scalloped edges, were introduced along with the concept in the 1920s.

Other important decorative art Deco design elements include the use of scalloped edges, which are curved on one side, and tapered sides, which are diamond shaped. Many architects considered the Roque curtain as a representative piece of Style Moderne. In fact, many buildings in Paris are made from this beautiful fabric, which is quite expensive. Yet, it is widely popular among the Parisians.