Style moderne in Art Deco

Streamline Moderne is an International style of Art Deco design and architecture that developed in the 1930s in Great Britain. It was largely influenced by aerodynamic theory. Streamline architecture stressed curved forms, long thin lines, and even sometimes nautical elements like bow fins. The architecture focused on straight lines and boxy forms with rounded corners. Streamline buildings usually had an onion shape with rounded corners and sharp angles. Streamline used very clean cut lines that gave a roomy feeling.

The Streamline style moderne was popular in countries like Switzerland, Italy, and the United States. In these countries the buildings had curvilinear roofs and sharp angles. The use of glass along with steel made the construction of the buildings much easier. Glass and steel combined with other decorative materials gave a more modernistic appeal. Streamline art Deco buildings also use a lot of multi-colored colors which makes the architectural artwork more eye catching.

The Streamline art Deco style was heavily influenced by the works of Le Corbusier and his decorative elements. The Corbusier style focused on smooth flat surfaces that are made of glass. His multi-colored glass windows made use of primary colors that he made use of. These colored glass elements were then accentuated by the use of silver and bronze metallic pieces. These materials together to create an array of colors, which gives a more organic feeling to the building.

The Streamline style was also heavily influenced by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, who was known for his use of geometric shapes. His designs focus on rectangles, squares, and ovals. Some of his pieces were actually meant to garden with geometric features. His art style made use of the same geometric shapes while combining them with other art style elements in order to achieve a more balanced look.

The Streamline style was further inspired by German Expressionist art movement. The works of Gauche, Picasso, de Kooning, and Miro are some of the famous artists from this art movement. All these artists had strong critiques of industrialization and wanted to highlight the nature of man as an independent being. They used industrial designs to make their works more appealing.

In contemporary art nouveau, there is still a heavy focus on natural materials. A combination of natural materials, like wood, leather, metals, and ceramics are used. A common motif in contemporary art Deco houses is the incorporation of glass. Glass elements give the building its modernistic look. Glass windows and doors are usually seen along the edges of the building. In addition, glass furniture such as chairs and tables are commonly seen in art nouveau houses.