Streamline Style

Streamline Moderne is a revolutionary international style of the Art Deco architectural design and architecture that emerged from the period of World War II. It was influenced by aerodynamic design, which was introduced by the Wright brothers. Streamline architecture focused on curved shapes, long straight lines, and occasionally nautical elements as well. In this type of architecture, straight lines are used for the most part and curves are only used to accentuate certain details.

Streamline style moderation started in the period of the art Deco design era. The style is characterized by straight lines, which create a feeling of wide space. Straight lines can be used to imply a sense of distance, or to emphasize a form. Black chrome, along with other geometric shapes, is very popular in Streamline style. Streamlines normally have a very clean, uncluttered feel and the surfaces are often very sharp.

Streamline art Deco architecture is a decorative style that emphasizes the use of geometric forms and surfaces. Streamlined architecture is minimalist in its application of geometric details. The use of geometric forms is at times included, but not in a way that detracts from the beauty of the forms. This decorative style utilizes straight lines, as well as circles, hexagons, and rectangles.

Streamline style Moderne gives credit to the works of artists such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier. Frank Lloyd Wright’s L’Auberge de la Valliation is a prime example of Streamline architecture. The luxurious interiors and exterior surfaces of the building are designed around the “L’Auberge” name and are considering to be an icon of Streamline style. Le Corbusier’s Le Haut Marais, also in France, is another great example of Streamline art Deco structures.

Black Chrome is a decorative style that comes in two distinct forms. The first form is named after the black coloring that is used to create the various elements of the art Deco buildings and art nouveau architecture of the period. Black Chrome often imitates or at least closely resembles other elements of the decorative style. Black Chrome includes elements such as dark grays, blacks, browns, tans, and reds. However, the use of black chrome can vary depending on the design of the building. For instance, many Streamline structures feature gray glass coupled with black or red glass accented by a stylized motif.

The second type of decorative arts with a Streamline influence is Fauvism. This is an indirect influence on the Streamline style. Fauvism, which is sometimes called Fauvism or Fauvist Style, was created by combining the decorative styles of the Art Nouveau with elements of the Streamline style. As such, it takes elements from both the decorative arts and the Streamline style.