Become Furniture Designer

Furniture Designers is in high demand throughout the UK. Most furniture designers work on an independent basis, although a small percentage of the professionals work for large retail chains, interior design firms or furniture consultancies. If you choose to become involved in this career, you would be:

Controlling numerous design projects at once is one of the most important skills required by furniture designers. They are required to create designs for interior, exterior, networking, business and home settings. Furniture Designers need to understand the different types of materials as well as how best to utilise them. For example, knowing the differences between wicker, rattan and other synthetic fabrics and knowing the correct procedures and procedure when using these materials are essential.

The majority of furniture designers start their working hours in their own home. As long as they have access to a computer and a good quality digital camera, they can communicate designs with clients around the UK or overseas. Most firms allow their employees to work at their own pace, set their own working hours and use their own equipment. Working from home also means that the designer does not have to worry about commuting or accommodation costs. In some cases, all they need is a computer and access to the internet.

Furniture Designers needs to have an understanding of industrial design and computer aided design (CAD). CAD is the industry standard software that millions of businesses use every day. CAD is very simple to use and enables furniture designers to create detailed 3D designs of their chosen pieces. This enables manufacturers to produce large amounts of products quickly, which improves efficiency. Furniture Designers can also help their clients achieve a perfect balance between form and function – ensuring that the final product is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to the eye.

The majority of furniture designers start their working lives out of the home, working from an office. As well as creating unique pieces of furniture designs, furniture designers may also help interior designers create a bespoke interior for a client. Interior designers often work in conjunction with furniture designers who are creating unique pieces of furniture design to complete a room or home. They can assist the interior designer as they work on their project, liaising with them over key elements such as colour choices and general style.

Today it is common for furniture designers and interior designers to work side by side. Some years ago it was not unusual for interior designers to train as furniture designers. However, as technology and the interior styling industry grew, more companies started to hire interior designers and furniture designers to create bespoke designs using digital technology.