Art Deco Bathroom Furniture

Style Moderne is a beautiful collection of contemporary bathroom fittings. Inspired by the influential Art Deco style of the early 1920’s and the Art Nouveau movement which occurred a couple of years later, the brand name chosen is now the original name for Art Deco. The brand shares its origins with its two largest distinguishable design elements – the curved shape of the shower curtain rod, and the shiny chrome finish on the faucet. The style has evolved over time to become one of the most distinctive modern bathroom designs currently available on the market.

This stunning style was first introduced in the United Kingdom in the early nineteen hundreds. It is a highly decorative collection designed to give an edgy and minimalist appeal to any bathroom. Inspired by both the Art Deco style and the geometrically symmetrical structures of the works of Van Gogh, Jules Verne, and artists who had their careers initiated during the Art Deco movement, this style offers a unique combination of linear lines and circular shapes, which are highly contrasted and vividly highlighted by a series of vivid colors. The unique use of color is highlighted by the choice of an over-used orange accent color, which is juxtaposed against a bold blue or turquoise colored curtain rod.

This unique collection was initially designed for use as a tapestry, but soon found widespread success as a bath accessory. Unlike other contemporary bathroom accessories, Style Moderne uses geometric shapes, sleek straight lines, and carefully applied finishes. The bathtub features an egg shape in one corner, which complements the bathtub’s curved shape by being symmetrical and complementary. This type of bathtub is often used along with a contemporary toilet with a symmetrical and geometrically asymmetrical design, giving the appearance that the shower curtain is simply detached from the bathtub and incorporated into the toilet’s body shape.

The bath pillow also comes in a variety of unique materials, with an appearance similar to the bathtub’s egg shape. A contemporary throw pillow, made from a heavy duty cotton and foam covered in a durable rubber, is a must-have for the modernist style decor. A unique twist on the bath pillow is the addition of a plush bath pillow case that features geometrical shapes, adding interest to the pillow’s design.

To complete the decorative theme of this style, the vanity unit features a scalloped trim and a decorative base that match the bath pillow case’s material. The vanity unit’s finish is completed with a uniquely designed mirror, completed with an egg shape and a border decorated with stylized black tiles. The bath vanity is a final touch, featuring a contemporary ornate scalloped trim and a glass door finished in a striking black and silver design. These three individual pieces add a final touch to the contemporary style moderne, which is sure to make any bathroom stylish.

The style moderne, like its name suggests, was inspired by the art Deco movement of the 1930s. This period of design innovation produced a bold look that conveyed a sense of modernism while creating a sense of timelessness. A modern home should always incorporate a sense of style and this style should be highlighted through decorative art Deco pieces. These pieces of furniture will add a sense of elegance and beauty to your space. They are a perfect way to define the look you are going for.