Art Deco – An Important Part of French Art

Art Deco is an acronym for Arts and Crafts Decoration. It is an art style which became famous in the 19th century. Art Deco, a term, has also been used for its decorative art styles. Art Deco, at times, was known as Futurism.

Art Deco, at times, was known for its use of complex geometric patterns, which often involved using negative spaces. These complex and geometric patterns were used to emphasize the beauty of simple, clean cut lines. Art Deco artists were primarily influenced by European artists of the time who used similar geometric patterns in their art deco pieces. Art Deco artists were also known for their use of bold, vivid colors and the complex images they created with these colors.

Art Deco architecture is considered one of the most influential periods in the history of art deco and is well known all around the world. During the period, many new and interesting designs were introduced. These included art deco lighting, art deco mirrors, art deco wall cladding, art deco signs, art deco faucets, art deco escalators, art deco signs, and other art deco architectural structures. This period, marked by tremendous social, economic, and political influence, also laid the foundation for modern architecture. Art Deco architecture is marked by geometric patterns, rounded edges, and unique textures.

Art Deco architecture is characterized by a dramatic appeal and includes a distinctive use of geometric forms, bold colors, rounded edges, and unique textures. This time period left its mark on other areas of world art, like music, fashion design, interior design, film, television, and theater. Although different regions of the world have different influences on this time period, one thing can be said definitively about Art Deco era: it left an indelible mark on art styles throughout the world. Some of the most notable styles from this time period include the: Batignolles, Fauvism, Neoclassicism, Viennese, Romanticism, Cubism, Fauvism, Dadaism, Futurism, and Expressionism. New York City has the distinction of being home to some of the most noteworthy and iconic buildings that can be classified as Art Deco.

This beautiful art deco interior design style has had great influence on other design styles. This movement was further sparked by the arrival of the automotive industry in the late nineteenth century. Art deco inspired designs became popular among the masses, and their popularity continues till this day. One of the most notable places where you can find an abundance of Art Deco structures is at the Exposition Internationale Des Arts. The Exposition is held annually in Paris and showcases different Exhibitions all over the world.

The immense popularity of this style of architecture can be attributed to a number of factors. Among them are its association with the Art Deco Society, the fact that it was first showcased in the Exposition, and the fact that during the World War II, the city was reduced to rubble. Since then, the Exposition Internationale des Arts has displayed amazing works of art that are inspired by the style of Art Deco. The list of attractions at this world famous Exposition includes the: The Couristan Barracks, The Musee des Beaux-Arts, The L’Arc de Triomphe, The Picasso Museum, The Saudeurs’ Garden, The Diderot Museum, The Chateau de Versailles, The Grand Hotel, The Palais des Franchises, The Musee Louis IV, The Prado, The Balsamic Gardens, The Musee Carousel, The Musee Oceanographique, and The Bateau Marmont.